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Hey Joe
Jimmy Hendrix
                A song originally about the sin of adultery, and what can happen to a man and his woman. In the ''Hey Joe'' song written by someone else made more popular by Jimmy Hendrix[r.i.p] with a new meaning. Where ''hey joe'' became a popular phrase used when men in the Philipines said to the Americans, "HeyJoe ,where you going with them guns in your hands" around the time of the Vietnam War days. In today's day ''hey joe'' phrase has been used towards the political politician war mongers like a evil minded Joe Binden that starts and likes to continue the wars, but this time putting the guns in other peoples hands to see them fight each other like it's some kind of a ''devil's arcade'' game for him to watch. And to hope with the devil this would pay off for his selfish evil agenda that sadly has been killing and damaging many of our young Veterans in the wars out there.
 Jimmy Hendrix