Art is not to imitate but to present an image that is original and legitimate, an explaination of an Artwork by its creator allows little scope for the imagination and denies stimulation of the mind of the spectator. Art can be as exciting as the mind will allow. when visiting my Gallery I would encourage the viewer to use their imagination. Art has always been important to me, as an artist I have experimented with many different mediums, oil, acrylic, collage, Sculpture etc, and now Computers, since I began using this latest motivating medium, I found I can create in haste, for me this is quite rewarding, it also allows me to combine my earlier paintings and drawings with my digital created images, plus imported imagery, this new form of creating art would be an impossibility without the invention of Computer.In addition it allows me to reach a far wider audience via the internet.
Digital Art
art_of_flay003015.jpg art_of_flay001003.gif
art_of_flay003013.jpg art_of_flay003012.jpg art_of_flay003011.jpg art_of_flay003010.jpg art_of_flay003009.jpg art_of_flay003008.jpg art_of_flay003007.jpg art_of_flay003006.jpg art_of_flay003005.jpg art_of_flay003004.jpg art_of_flay003003.jpg
Men in big Hats