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< METER NAME= "Title" CONTENT="The gallery of the Art of Flay containing Oil and acrylic paintings and drawings by george flay in addition digital images from the abstract to contemporary to famous personalities across the world.">

<title>The Art of Flay</title>The gallery of the Art of Flay containing Oil and acrylic paintings in addition computer images from the abstract to famous personalities across the world George flay">

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Art is not to imitate but to present an image that is original and legitimate, an explaination of an Artwork by its creator allows little scope for the imagination and denies stimulation of the mind of the spectator. Art can be as exciting as the mind will allow. when visiting my Gallery I would encourage the viewer to use their imagination.

The Artist. The aim of each artist is to take hold of an idea, then create a work so that a hundred years later, when a stranger views
or listens, it moves again as it did so at birth.
George Flay
 Art of George Flay
 Art of George Flay